Our next amazing senior is Sydney!!“At the time, I’m going to be working from home in order better prepare myself for the future I want to take on and to make sure the college I want to go to is the right one for me. I’ll be taking a gap year before I plan to go on to college to study Astrophysics. I’m hoping to major in this field and also carry a Spanish minor. Away from these subjects, dance has always been a big part of my life— ever since I was 5 years old! It’s been a journey, and after I came to Balleraena when I was 14, my love for it grew even stronger! Of all the dance memories, one of my favorites has to be when I danced in my school’s variety show for my friends and family. They made me feel like the luckiest person in the world!! Lastly, if I had to choose a favorite dance style, it would have to be lyrical.”The Balleraena family has been so blessed to have you ✨

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