Class Information

Name: Modern III/IV/V (Must be enrolled in ballet)
Level: interm/adv
Time: Wed 06:30 pm to 07:15 pm
Studio: B
Cost: $50.00

Modern dance focuses on springing off the foundation of ballet and exploring new limits. This class will explore movement initiation, control, and isolation. Dancing barefoot, dancers will be challenged to move past the structure of technique and explore the depth of expression. *Students must be registered for a ballet class to be eligible to take this class.

Dance Type: Modern

Description: Modern dance is a free, expressive style of dance started in the early 20th century. It is a dancing style that rejects many of the rules of classical ballet. Modern dance is often the expression of feelings, emotions, and ideas. Today modern dance is seen as more sophisticated and technical then when it first began; it now displays more focus on strength, agility, fluidity, and discovery.

Instructor: Daintry TenNapel

Daintry TenNapel was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She began dancing at the age of six at BritZa Studios, and fell in love with movement and the art of expression. Daintry continued to dance on through middle school and high school. She was an assistant to her dance instructor for three years of high school, as well as part of the Sioux Falls Christian Dance Team, and a member of her church’s liturgical dance troup. Daintry attended several dance intensives during her middle school and high school years including Storling Dance Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri and Ad Deum Dance Company in Houston, Texas. Daintry’s love for choreography was first discovered when she began choreographing dances for middle school talent shows, church pieces, and high school dance team pieces. In 2006, Daintry attended Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi on track to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with an emphasis in Choreography. She spent one semester of her junior year studying Limon technique in New York City. Her college years were her years of greatest growth and challenge, as the grueling hours and demanding schedule really challenged her to chase after excellence in this art form she loved. A year after graduating from Belhaven, Daintry met and married Nate TenNapel and they moved out to Redding, California. After finding out they were expecting, they made their way back to Sioux Falls the following spring, to be near family. In 2013, Daintry took on teaching a few classes at BritZa Studios, as well as choreographing for the Sioux Falls Christian Dance Team. The following year, Daintry directed and produced Freedom: Unveiling the Cries of a Sex Slave, which was a production that incorporated many of the arts including: dance, videography, costume design, graphic design, script writing, and more. Daintry is now the mother to three beautiful kids and spends her days as a stay at home mom and teaching dance. Besides dance, Daintry is passionate about investing in her family; she enjoys decorating, designing, creating, fashion, and travelling. As a lover of choreography, Daintry enjoys putting movement on trained dancers in collaboration with other art forms. Her desire is to not only to teach upcoming dancers, but also to create productions that confront injustices in our society. She hopes to use her passion to fight injustice to create impacting pieces wherever she goes.