Class Information

Name: Pointe IV
Level: 10+  yrs/adv
Time: Mon 06:15 pm to 07:15 pm
Studio: B
Cost: $53.00
Description: See Requirements Below.

  • Must be taken with a ballet class
  • Please direct questions to Miss Amy.

Dance Type: Pointe

Description: Dancing "en pointe" is the athletic art of ballet dancing on the tips of the fully extended toes in specially-made shoes. It is the epitome of ballet training and should not be undertaken until the dancer has matured in the study of dance and mastered ballet technique. At Balleraena, pointe work and advancement through the levels of pointe training are done at the discretion of the ballet instructor. All pointe students at Balleraena are required to take at least one additional weekly ballet class. Advanced dancers should intend to be in two additional ballet classes (one may be contemporary).

Instructor: Amy Hofer

Phone: (605) 361-3737

Amy Hofer studied ballet with Martha Peterson, Judith Szakats and Carolyn Westphal in Sioux Falls. She continued her study of ballet at the Boston Ballet School and with Terry and David Shields in Cambridge, MA, where Amy also studied Modern dance with Julie Ince-Thompson and Jazz with Adrienne Hawkins and John DeLuca. Upon returning to South Dakota, Amy attended USD with a Fine Arts/Dance Major. Amy has attended many summer dance intensives as a teacher, primarily the Cecchetti summer schools in Hope, MI, and has had the opportunity there to study with many world-renown ballet instructors over the last several years.

Amy has been active for over 20 years in developing worship dance ministry in the Sioux Falls area. She has also taught for the Northern Plain CCA seminar, as well as in various studios in South Dakota over the past 35 years. Amy is certified in Pilates and is a member of the Cecchetti Council of America, through which she has obtained her teaching certificates through Cecchetti Grade IV. Additionally, Amy has special interest in pointe work and has spent many years developing a pointe curriculum that emphasizes strength and proper technique.