Class Information

Name: Ballet I
Level: beg
Time: Wed 03:30 pm to 04:15 pm
Studio: A
Cost: $50.00
Description: No Description Entered

Dance Type: Ballet

Description: Ballet is a systematic dance based on formalized positions of the arms, feet, and body designed to enable movements that create the greatest possible agility, control, speed, lightness, and grace. Classical-ballet technique is based on the turned-out position of the legs. This position increases the range of movement through the hip and imparts pleasing body lines through the extended leg. The choreography of classical ballet may be romantic, realistic, or mythological, representing a variety of dramatic and emotional situations. Ballet an art that simultaneously requires strength, resilience, elegance and grace. It may be difficult to master and takes lots of patience and practice to learn. Ballet can be studied at any age, although early age beginnings facilitate strength, spatial/temporal awareness, and coordination. Some studies have shown that girls retain the flexibility established through ballet across their adulthood. Ballet lessons emphasize stretching to strengthen and enlongate posture. Additionally, the correct French names for steps and positions need to be learned. As dancers progress, barre work becomes an essential tool for learning the steps and positions as well as building strength, agility and flexibility. Respect is a pervasive aspect of ballet and proper ballet etiquette is learned and practiced. Ms. Raena teaches a fusion of Russian and American ballet and Ms. Amy teaches a fusion of Cecchetti and Russian ballet. Ms. Lisa teaches a fusion of Cecchetti and Russian ballet.

Instructor: Raena Rasmussen

Owner & Instructor

Raena Rasmussen has had a dream of opening her own dance studio ever since she was a little girl. She has always wanted to inspire and change the world for the better.

Now 18 years later that dream has been accomplished and she just keeps on dreaming and making those dreams happen for herself and for her Students. When people ask her, "why do you work 7 days a week?" She will respond, "I love to dance."

Raena Rasmussen has her BFA in Dance from The University of Montana with emphases in teaching, choreography and performance.

She has studied dance in New York, Chicago, LA, Boston and Bali with artists such as Amy Ragsdale, Michelle Antonoli, Mia Michels, Matt Steffanina, Chris Judd, Eric Campros, Tracie Stanfield , Dana Alexa, Cat Cogliandro, Brian Friedman, Mike Peele, Wade Robson, Marlayna Locklear just to name a few .

Raena also has her certifications in the Pilates apparatus, the Reformer and Wunda Chair and she is certified in mat and standing Pilates.

Most recently Raena danced in the shows Blue Heaven and Sacred with the Ballet of the Dolls at the Ritz theater in Minneapolis under the direction of Lisa Conlin.

Raena and Lisa began their own professional dance company in Sioux Falls called LiRa Dance Theater Company in August of 2015 and are thriving in the Midwest having dancers audition and dance with them from all over the United States.

Raena and Erin Arends just recently opened a new boutique in Sioux Falls called Move Boutique that has the latest trends and fashions of Dance and athletic wear from all over the world and loving their new adventure .

There is nothing Raena loves more than inspiring young dancers and one of these adventures sparked Raena to begin taking dancers every year on scholarship to New York City to dance. It’s something she holds dear to her heart to expose dancers to the big apple and show them they are just as talented and ready for the city as anyone else who is dancing.

In 2018 Raena was asked to start traveling and teaching Pilates at different resorts around the world with Fit Bodies Vacations and made her first trip to Panama for 8 days in June of 2018 and Costa Rica in February 2019 to teach Pilates.

Anyone who knows Raena would say if you don't see her with about three children around her at all times something is wrong . Raena loves children!! She has three beautiful children of her own Bentley Jewel, Paris Banks and Summit Knox and an incredible husband Aaron who has a job where he counts higher than 8.

If Raena is not at Balleraena or Move Boutique she is usually traveling around the country trying to catch one of her past students performing in a show or dancing in college.

Dance and moving have been Raenas passion since she was 3 but you can also find her hiking a mountain peak somewhere or outside working on her enormous garden with all her rescue animals and giving away baskets of vegetables to anyone who will take them.