Class Information

Name: July 23rd Worship Arts Class
Level: 8+  yrs/beg/interm/adv
Time: Tue 10:00 am to 12:15 pm
Studio: A
Cost: $0.00

•Choreography and improv intensive •Learn to create worship dance for group or solo pieces •Also great for those working on secular solo or group pieces who want to enhance their performance abilities (authentic feeling and capture attention of audience) •This class will include Christian themes but dancers of all faiths are welcome •Ages 8 and up

Dance Type: Liturgical

Description: Liturgical dance is similar in style to lyrical where it incorporates dance genres of ballet, jazz and modern, while allowing for freedom in expression and interpretation of the music's lyrics. Liturgical dance is done to worship music of various styles and may focus on worship, storytelling, prayer and more. This style is not confined to any Christian denomination and can be performed as part of a worship service, teaching, or as a performance of its own.

Instructor: Natalie Rea