Class Information

Name: June 20 & 21st Kathryn Munk Ballet Camp
Level: interm/adv
Time: Thu 11:00 am to 02:00 pm
Studio: A
Cost: $0.00

$125 for both days - 90 minutes of technique - 30 minutes of pointe - 60 minutes of contemporary ballet Open to middle schoolers with experience in pointe and high school students

Dance Type: Ballet

Description: Ballet is a systematic dance based on formalized positions of the arms, feet, and body designed to enable movements that create the greatest possible agility, control, speed, lightness, and grace. Classical-ballet technique is based on the turned-out position of the legs. This position increases the range of movement through the hip and imparts pleasing body lines through the extended leg. The choreography of classical ballet may be romantic, realistic, or mythological, representing a variety of dramatic and emotional situations. Ballet an art that simultaneously requires strength, resilience, elegance and grace. It may be difficult to master and takes lots of patience and practice to learn. Ballet can be studied at any age, although early age beginnings facilitate strength, spatial/temporal awareness, and coordination. Some studies have shown that girls retain the flexibility established through ballet across their adulthood. Ballet lessons emphasize stretching to strengthen and enlongate posture. Additionally, the correct French names for steps and positions need to be learned. As dancers progress, barre work becomes an essential tool for learning the steps and positions as well as building strength, agility and flexibility. Respect is a pervasive aspect of ballet and proper ballet etiquette is learned and practiced. Ms. Raena teaches a fusion of Russian and American ballet and Ms. Amy teaches a fusion of Cecchetti and Russian ballet. Ms. Lisa teaches a fusion of Cecchetti and Russian ballet.

Instructor: Kathryn Munk

Kathryn Munk (MA, BS, EP-C) is a professional teacher and dancer based in Charleston, South Carolina. In 2012, she earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from South Dakota State University as well as earning her Certified Exercise Physiologist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and acceptance into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, supported by NDEO. In 2017, she earned her M.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography with distinction from the University of Bedfordshire, under the direction of Dr. Tamara Ashley, performing original works by Gaby Agis and Luke Jessop across Great Britain and Malta. Her continued research interest is identity formulation through individual dance practice and performance, specifically within ballet.