Class Information

Name: Nick Anthony Master Class - Beg/Int
Level: 6+  yrs/beg/interm
Time: Sat 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Studio: A
Cost: $0.00
Description: No Description Entered

Dance Type: Contemporary

Description: Contemporary dance is an expressive communicator of the mind, body and spirit through movement. Contemporary dance founders originally composed dances to express the spirit, soul, and heart of social problems associated with the condition of the human spirit. In contrast, today's Contemparary dance has more sophisticated techniques and technologies applied to express a broader variety of social issues. Each style goes in unique directions and is usually a radical and interesting presentation. The essence of Contemporary dance is to look forward, not backward. Ballet and Contemporary are sometimes fused together, enriching both forms; however, neither is loses its identity in the process. Structured, technical exercises condition the body for strength, coordination and flexibility. Physical activities develop the dancer

Instructor: Nick Anthony